Frequently asked questions about Artificial Turf

DuraTurf gives us the cutting edge on artificial lawn

Q:        Does it look like real grass?

A:        DuraTurf looks and feels just like real grass and even has blades of different lengths and densities, just like different grass species.

Q:        Is it only for gardens?

A:        No. DuraTurf can be used to transform any area you wish. From that shady patch where the grass won’t grow, to your verandah, backyard or swimming pool, between the driveway or stepping stones, in your kids playroom or even your landscaped garden, there are eleven different ranges of DuraTurf suited to specific areas.


Q:        Is it suitable for outdoor entertaining?

A:        Yes, it’s perfect for that! Spills and dirt can be washed away with normal water. Never use solvents and please refer harsh chemical stains to the manufacturers. Burns from cigarettes or hot coals from a braai should be removed as soon as possible and may discolour the grass. These can be professionally repaired but should be referred to your installer.

Q:        Is it safe for my kids?

A:        Yes. DuraTurf is safe for children and pets. It’s made from an anti-allergenic polyethylene that’s non-slip, anti-allergenic and provides a soft surface in the event of slips and falls. What’s more, there’ll be no more grass burns as it’s the same material used for artificial soccer pitches.

Q:        Will my pets ruin it?

A:        No. Just like any garden surface, DuraTurf will collect dirt from environmental exposure and from being walked upon. Simply scoop up any mess or dirt as you would with normal grass. Sweep with a soft-bristled garden broom to restore flattened blades to their upright position.

Q:        Can it be installed on any surface?

A:        DuraTurf can be installed on any flat, even surface such as concrete, stone or tar. The substrate should be flat, stable, well-condensed and preferably porous to allow for drainage. If the sub-soil is not sufficiently condensed it may shift and settle later causing irregularities in the artificial lawn.

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