New designs for GROHE Blue®

The innovative source of freshly filtered water is now also available in Minta and K7 style, complemented by GROHE Blue® Mono for even greater flexibility

As from today GROHE Blue® offers even more variety. GROHE has expanded the choice of faucets incorporating this proven technology. Delicious filtered and chilled water – sparkling, medium or still – can now also be tapped from the new Minta and K7 kitchen faucets. In the latter case, from the model with the separate pull-out spray. Whether in residential kitchens or in commercial environments, consumers and users can now enjoy an even greater choice of styles and designs. In addition, customers can choose whether they prefer the “Pure” variant which only comprises the filter unit or the full package complete with cooler box and carbonator. Either way, they have the certainty of installing a sustainable and convenient drinking water system. GROHE Blue® allows you to draw delicious water from a “source” installed in your kitchen, thereby removing the need to transport and carry heavy six-packs of bottled water. This takes a strain off the household budget and the environment.

Freedom of choice, matching designs

Whether you go for the filigree and cylindrical shapes of the new Minta or the bold and architectural stature of K7, whether you prefer chrome or a stainless steel finish – GROHE Blue® now caters for all tastes. The GROHE Blue® Pure Starter Kit includes the chosen single-lever mixer with filter function, an attractive glass carafe and the required water filter. Those who want to tap chilled and sparkling water from the same faucet can choose the combination with an additional GROHE Blue® cooler box and a 425 gram carbon dioxide cylinder which adds fine bubbles of carbonic acid to the filtered and chilled water. A handle on the faucet allows you to select the desired level of carbonation. All GROHE Blue® faucets use sophisticated system of two internal waterways – one for unfiltered hot or cold tap water and one for freshly filtered and chilled table water – both of which terminate invisibly in the faucet’s elegant spout.

GROHE Blue® Mono, a convenient stand-alone solution


The third and final addition to this innovative range is GROHE Blue® Mono. This stand-alone solution can be installed in addition to an existing kitchen faucet or in combination with GROHE Red®, this system supplies boiling hot water straight from the tap. This way you can keep in place your favourite kitchen faucet with all its proven and accustomed benefits and complement it with a source of delicious drinking water ready to be tapped at any time of the day. The stand-alone solution is just as user-friendly as the other GROHE Blue® variants. Rotating 180 degrees with stops at the 90 and 45 degree positions, the filigree lever makes it particularly easy to choose between still, medium and sparkling water.


Award for GROHE Blue® Mono


Prior to the ISH trade fair the Messe Frankfurt awarded the quality seal “Design Plus powered by ISH 2013” to GROHE Blue® Mono. The prize is allocated by an expert jury to products of a distinguished quality. All winners stand out in terms of their sustainability, innovative design and energy-efficient technology and therefore best represent the values of the ISH. Together with other prize winning products GROHE Blue® Mono was showcased in the foyer of hall 4.2 at ISH. The official award ceremony took place on the opening day of the trade fair.

Delicious and refreshing drinks of water at any time of the day or night – the new GROHE Blue® designs mean even greater variety and choice for today’s kitchens.

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