SPS Studio offer their bathroom design expertise on Bathroom Butler’s accessory range

Each month, Bathroom Butler identify one or more interior designers and challenge them to come up with looks for a bathroom based on their gorgeous coloured accessory range. SPS Studio chat to us about their different looks and the inspiration behind them

As a starting point, SPS Studio meet with their clients for what they call the “Getting To Know You” session where they really unpack a client’s specific taste and design preferences. “It’s important to bring décor and design elements into a home that the client is in love with and it’s our jobs to make sure that these work within a specific room or throughout the home or space,” says SPS Studio


Brushed Bronze

For this look, we used textured concrete with a clean white tile which can be complemented with rich fabrics in purples or blues. We loved the idea of using Earthcote on a feature wall with this look.

“Although we had an idea in mind for each of these colour accessories, we took inspiration from the various online platforms, as well as magazines to create the board for the Brushed Bronze,” notes SPS Studio

SPS Studio kept a neutral theme that they believes would work well in a kids’ bathroom as it can be made playful through accessories and pops of colour which can easily be adjusted as the children get older. The mix and match of fittings also adds a dimension of play which can create whimsy in a child’s bathroom.


Brushed Stainless Steel

With this look, SPS Studio was inspired to create a natural look and feel based on an image of a massive window overlooking a garden. They used neutral elements as the base of the look and used subtle colours from planting and glass to add a clean and seamless feel to the overall palette.  “We’ve also used a different textured tile with pops of colour which works really well with the mood board’s brushed stainless steel, muted look.” says SPS Studio.

SPS Studio had a single male or female in mind when compiling this ‘Down to Earth’ look


Polished Stainless Steel

Polished stainless steel is pretty standard so the challenge for us on this one was how to make the accessories stand out considering how much natural shine they have, says SPS Studio.

The inspiration for this board came from a somewhat unlikely place. “As it’s winter, I was standing outside and the dead, brown grass actually caught my attention,’ says Chantelle of SPS Studio. The look was then put together using contrasting materials, like the black tile to make the accessories pop and the paradoxical use of a living plant as the colour inspiration which is targeted at the metro male. SPS used light wood as the inspiration for the vanity to lighten the room, and suggest using glass to accessorise this room because – like the polished stainless steel, it reflects and ‘plays’ with light.


Matt Black

SPS Studio put a couple of looks together for this ‘Matt Black’ mood board using different textures and elements. The difficult thing with Matt Black is that, it can ‘suck’ up the colour, as well as light, so you need to experiment in order to understand what works. For example – bringing the focus onto different textures and elements like the designers have done here. “We did a couple of looks for this one as you really have to understand what to use with black as it has the potential to ‘suck’ up the colour,” SPS Studio advises. 

SPS Studio used a variation of dark, often black textures and materials for this look which was targeted at a contemporary couple. They juxtaposed the black colour with a backlit white porcelain to introduce an unlikely source of light and have also suggested using a glossy black marble as a focal wall. This also allows for the use of rich jewel tones to create some drama. “Surprisingly, using only black, but in different textures really delivered an exquisite result for this mood board,” explained SPS Studio.


Polished Rose Gold

Polished Rose Gold is a ‘grown up’ colour which SPS Studio would use for a mature couple. Polished Rose Gold can be paired with pink or white to soften or feminise the look. This board includes yellow-gold and copper, both of which work really nicely with the Polished Rose GoId accessories – bringing out those tones in the fittings. The back drop of the smooth black emphasises the colour and treats the fittings as luxury items to be displayed.

“We’ve also used Calacata tiles which have been popular for a luxurious feel since the 70s and are still going strong,” concluded SPS Studio. 

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