Add hotel style chic to a bedroom

If you have ever stayed overnight in a luxurious boutique hotel, you know how these rooms pay attention to the smallest detail. Ever aspect of the design is carefully designed to enhance the total experience, both in looks and comfort.

Creating a hotel style bedroom in your own home can be done with a few magic touches here and there to create the illusion.

Take a look at any boutique hotel bedroom and notice how the bed is the main feature of the room. This is just as important in your own bedroom. As the largest piece of furniture in bedroom, the bed should be the focal point. 

Adding a headboard is probably one of the most inexpensive ways to draw attention to a bed, and the more luxurious the better. Even a simple design, such as a piece of board upholstered with plush fabric will add instant impact.

If you don’t want to go to the trouble of adding a headboard, artwork and mirrors mounted directly above the bed will have the same effect.

Comfort is the buzz word in any hotel style bedroom. Beds are layered with linen, blankets, throws and sumptuous pillows, arranged to add even more eye-catching detail. You can easily replicate this look at home and you will find plenty of ideas and inspiration on http://www.home-dzine.co.za/bedroom/bedroom-makebed.htm for achieving a layered look for a bed.

Layering a bed

Adding a mattress cover or cushion raises the level of comfort and adds to the overall effect of luxury for any bed.

For a true hotel-style experience, start off with Egyptian cotton. The thread-count on this bed linen is soft and gentle against the skin. 

Top off bed linen with a duck-down duvet, comforter or bedspread depending on the final look you want to achieve. A duck-down duvet is soft and fluffy and will add a level of extravagance, while adding a comforter or bedspread will allow for a more tailored, contemporary look.

Lighting levels

Every hotel style bedroom offers levels of lighting that cater for various activities. Replicate this in your own bedroom by installing a central ceiling fixture, a reading lamp – if seating is placed in the room, and bedside lamps or wall sconces.

Choose a central ceiling fixture that is eye-catching and sophisticated and that adds another level to the design of your bedroom. This is one area where you want to splurge for luxury to achieve the overall effect.

Furniture and accessories

Not all bedrooms have space for additional furniture, but if you do, adding a comfortable chair for light reading is an option to consider.

Most hotel-style bedrooms cater for reading, relaxing and watching television, and you can plan a larger bedroom to incorporate all of these activities if space allows.

In a smaller bedroom, see if the space allows for a storage/seating ottoman at the end of the bed and upholster or match this to the headboard design.

In order to keep the bedroom uncluttered, be on the lookout for storage furniture that looks good and provides ample storage for bedroom essentials. 

  • Underbed storage drawers are ideal for packing away bed linen when not in use.
  • Bedside tables or cabinets keep clutter out of sight
  • A storage ottoman will provide plenty of storage for blankets, pillows and throws


At the end of the day you want to create a bedroom that appeals to all the senses. It should look gorgeous, feel sumptuous and smell delicious. Always have a vase of fresh flowers in the room and a spray bottle of scented water will refresh as and when needed.


For more bedroom ideas and inspiration, visit www.Home-Dzine.co.za












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