Improvon’s Property Trends Forum set to tackle industry challenges

Improvon’s annual Property Trends Forum takes place on 15 October 2014 and once again is set to tackle the major challenges facing the commercial and industrial property sector. This will be the third consecutive year that Improvon, a leading commercial and industrial property investment company, has hosted the highly acclaimed Property Trends Forum which aims to assist businesses that rely on property, as a key component of their operations, in the development of their property strategies.


Each year a highly respected and knowledgeable speaker panel of specialists are selected to discuss and debate the likely outcome of challenges facing the industry and to provide their own unique insight into the market. This year is no exception.


The Forum’s 2014 panel once again consists of outspoken economist and analyst on political-economic trends, JP Landman who promises to provide his insightful commentary on political-economic trends, focusing in particular on trends in politics, economics, demography and social capital and how these are likely to impact the property sector.


Professor Francois Viruly, property economist and Head of Property Studies at the University of Cape Town, will provide valuable insight into property development and trends. Landman and Viruly will be joined on the panel by Standlib Direct Property Investments CIO and recently appointed SAPOA President, Amelia Beattie. Passionate about the commercial property sector, Beattie has been active in the industry for over 15 years and has a wealth of knowledge of the property market. The panel will be chaired by financial journalist and broadcaster, David O’Sullivan.


Property trends in South Africa are impacted by a number of factors. Locally, recent strikes and civil unrest, the collapse of African Bank as well as political uncertainty play a huge role in impacting property trends, as does a lack of development which creates a barrier to entry along major transit nodes. On a more macro level, the global outlook including drivers like BRICs, a slowdown in China as well as global liquidity and funding levels, also play a role.


Find out what global economic trends are shaping property growth in South Africa and how the slowdown in manufacturing in China will impact us. How favourable an investment destination is South Africa for foreign investors and what are the risks of property ownership? Which are the preferential nodes for future development and what will the impact of new environmental legislation be on the industry? Which industries are driving the market and what influencers are affecting property funding? Just how much appetite for risk will local banking institutions have after the collapse of African Bank and will this ultimately influence interest rates? And what effect do listed funds have on the commercial property sector? Find the answer to these and other hot topics on the 15th of October.


Improvon’s Property Trends Forum has become an important event on the commercial and industrial property calendar with attendance for anybody involved in the sector an imperative. For more information contact Nicole Nunes on +27 11 026-5475 or info@ceproductions.co.za.


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