Mounted gutter garden DIY

You may have a small, unused space outside that you’ve been meaning to plant a flower patch or small herb garden in. If you haven’t yet gotten to planting anything, it’s possible, that space now works as the dumping ground of old warn tools.

The floor space of that area may in use but that wall near it isn’t, so why not make a floating/ mounted garden for small pots of herbs? Make sure the wall you choose for the garden has enough sunlight landing on it though.

This could also be the perfect solution to keeping your pets from sleeping all over your flower beds. If you have enough space for it, build a small potting table to transplant larger plants from the mounted garden, when they outgrow it.

Here’s what you’ll need to get started:

  • PVC gutters, end caps and brackets
  • SX8 wall plugs and screws
  • Landscape fabric
  • Top soil and potting soil
  • Seedling herbs and veggies

And here’s a list of the tools you’ll need for this project:

With all these in your possession, you can start with the project. Here’s how:

  1. 1.Mark the location for the brackets for the PVC gutters. Use a spirit level to check the horizontal level. Also mark the position for drilling the holes for mounting the brackets to the wall.
  2. 2.To cut the gutters to length we used a Dremel DSM20. With one hand you can hold the tool and turn the pipe with the other hand… easy! You can also use a handsaw or jigsaw to cut the PVC pipe to length.
  3. 3.The pipes fit easily onto the wall-mountedThe 3 meter long gutters cost R105 and the end caps R52 each and each pipe was cut in half for the staggered arrangement. At the end of the cutting, we still had one half sections left that could be mounted in a sunny spot for more herbs.
  4. 4.Along the length of each pipe, drill a 6mm drainage hole. This will prevent water from building up in the gutters and ensure plants are happy.
  5. 5.Cut and lay a layer of landscape fabric over the top of the drainage holes to stop soil erosion.
  6. 6.Fill each gutter with a mixture of 50 percent top soil combined with 50 percent potting mix. The potting mix will keep the soil nice and loose and add nutrients to the mix.


Getting everything ready and mounting the gutter garden takes just under 2 hours.

The gutters are mounted and now it’s time to add the herbs and veggies. The staggered arrangement allows for taller plants to reach a good height. It’s a good idea to mount a frame and wire support once the cherry tomatoes or lilies get bigger.

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