Tips to Improve the Value of Your Home

The property market in SA is notoriously volatile, and many different factors can negatively impact the value of your property. Here’s our advice to hedge against this and add as much value as possible to your home.

There’s never a bad time to implement basic fixes and improvements to your property and bolster its value, and, done in the right way, you’ll likely make your house more livable, more aesthetic, and more inviting in the process.

Spruce up the exterior walls

Cracking, bubbling, or fading exterior wall paint isn’t just unsightly, it’s a warning sign to potential buyers. Damaged paint could be an indication of deeper problems, such as wall damage, leakage, etc.

Applying a fresh coat of paint to your exterior walls is a great way to improve the aesthetic appearance of your home, and using a weather-resistant paint will add to the value of the home and ensure its durability for years to come.

Let there be light

A bright home is an inviting home, and well-lit interiors give the appearance of warmth, space, and comfort.

Natural light is obviously preferable, but this isn’t always possible, so investing in LED lighting is a great idea. It will help save money with less electricity use, and will certainly be a great selling point in future.

Don’t ignore the floor

We often spend so much time focusing on bringing the right furniture, décor, and other interior elements together to create the right aesthetic for the home, but that shouldn’t mean you neglect your floors.

Repairing broken floor tiles, mending damaged floorboards, or replacing old carpeting doesn’t have to be costly, and it can drastically improve the value and appeal of your home.

Upgrade the bathroom

Property brokers will tell you that, after the kitchen, the bathroom is the room you should focus on sprucing up when you want to bolster the value of your home.

Upgrading your bathroom doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg, and there are a few quick fixes that can make a big difference, such as replacing frosted glass with clear glass, painting walls and surfaces, replacing doorknobs and tired fixtures, and installing dual-flush toilets. Replacing tired old bathroom faucets with trendy new models will instantly add value to your bathroom and raise the aesthetic.

Give your house the green treatment

We all know that electricity is a contentious issue in SA. With Eskom implementing load-shedding at the most inconvenient times and tariffs ever-increasing, it doesn’t just make economic sense to invest in alternate energy appliances, but it will also add immense value to your home.

Gas burning ovens, hobs and heaters, solar panels, and rainwater tanks are just a few of the practical solutions you can implement with relative ease, and the savings accrued from their use will offset the initial cost outlay in time.

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