Update cabinet hardware for an instant makeover

Updating your kitchen cabinet hardware is an easy way to give any kitchen an instant makeover.

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If you are wanting to give your kitchen a bit of an update, or perhaps you are painting your kitchen cabinets and want to add new accessories; replacing handles and knobs is an easy – and fairly inexpensive – way to give any kitchen an instant makeover and a fresh new look.

More often than not, handles and knobs are the last thing that comes to mind when giving your home a makeover. But replacing these is an easy way to freshen up any room in a home, and particularly a kitchen. Plus, swapping old knobs and handles with modern design or stylish replacements is easily completed and costs very little when compared with a complete kitchen overhaul.

You will find a limited selection of knobs and handles at Builders Warehouse, and Gelmar have a small choice, so widen the search the find the perfect knobs and handles for styling your kitchen decor. There are companies that specialise in hardware and fittings, and you should try companies such as Wholesale Cabinet Fittings (cabinetfittings.co.za) and Decor Handles (decorhandles.co.za), or do an online search for suppliers in your area.

Choose between brushed chrome, polished or brushed stainless steel, vintage brass and pewter, and so many other styles and finishes. You also get to select from handles and knobs from at little as R30 each, up to hundreds of rands for a one-of-a-kind look.

By shopping at a supplier that specialises in fittings and hardware you will have a far wider choice of options and be able to select the perfect style for your kitchen cabinets. Make sure that you choose a style and finish that complements the look and feel of your kitchen.

It’s a simple fix to change cabinet hardware, yet one that has a big impact on the look and feel of your kitchen and can transform cabinet, cupboards and drawers instantly. If your kitchen needs more than this, don’t forget to pop onto our Kitchen section where you will find inspiration, ideas and lots of projects to update your kitchen.

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